Build your brand, connect with your community, and thrive in the  web of tomorrow with my innovative solutions

I am a brand manager and content strategist with a passion for web 3


A brand is not just a logo, a product, or a promise. A brand is the voice of the reputation that precedes you. If you are looking to rebrand or create a brand from scratch this is for you.



If your problem is not your brand, but it’s to produce content for your social media and find the right strategy, I can help your business by creating an editorial plan that is aligned to your product/service as well as developing and scheduling high-quality content that is engaging and functional, according to the platform and the trends.

For a few years, I have been working with brands in numerous industries (beauty, fashion, artisan, vegan and health products, web 3) curating their online presence. Through my clients and my personal projects, I have gained experience with the most popular platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. 



I graduated in photography/videography in 2019 and I have been using Adobe and many other designer software for a long time, therefore, I am available for short/long one-time (or more) commissions such as artworks, NFTs collections, covers for albums and singles, youtube and social media editing and filming, photography (portraits, fashion shoots, still life shoots), videography (music videos, short documentaries, and short videos), banners, logos, graphic design works and a lot more. Let’s talk about what you need


I always wanted to share my knowledge but I never wanted to be a teacher because I think teaching methods should be based on the mind of the student.  For years, I have been studying everything visual and branding related, all about blockchain and NFTs and all the things business, on the other side though, I never believed in my talents and I lost myself a lot of times on the way. One of the main reasons is that I never had a mentor, and now that I have built my brand and myself I can finally be that someone for another artist Mentorship for business owners and artists: do you want to learn all the above yourself and/or how to enter NFTs and web three? I got you. I

 now provide 1 to 1 mentorship 

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